Hark! Macbeth is Now Playing!

Sponsored by the University of North Georgia’s English Department and directed by professor Dr. Brian Corrigan, “Macbeth” made its debut performances the weekend of Oct. 10 – Oct. 12 at the Holly More »

SGA to Discuss Bylaw Amendments

On Oct. 20, the Student Government Association will be holding their weekly meeting at 5:30 p.m. in the ABC room in Hoag. This week’s meeting will be unique in that amendments for the More »

Coming Out Day 2014

In the first ten minutes of the Gay-Straight Alliance’s setup on the Hoag patio, nearly 12 people burst through the rainbow-colored curtains of the GSA’s vivid “closet.” National Coming Out Day is More »

The Golden Runway: Attack of the Clones (As Told By A Pretentious Hipster)

Walking across campus, I sometimes feel like I’m in an alternate reality. A gaggle of students walk past and one calls my name, and it takes a minute to figure out which More »

Hunt or Be Hunted: The Walking Dead Season 5

On Sunday night at approximately 9 p.m., the Dahlonega campus held its breath. Halls were quiet, televisions were on loud, and fists were clenched as AMC’s “The Walking Dead” season five premiered. More »


Video Game Review: ‘Persona 4 Arena Ultimax’


Sometimes there are games that are pretty much everything they could ever need to be. Sometimes there are games that nail everything they and their predecessors set out to do and you know there will never need to be a

Crossfire Debate: Government Corruption


The Crossfire Discussion on government corruption drew a large audience this past Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014. The crowd grew to over 65 students and professors, perhaps the largest group in Crossfire Discussion history. The term “government corruption” revealed varying opinions from

Students for Life Q&A Encourages ‘Education and Awareness’

(photo special to Vanguard Dahlonega)

Anti-abortion club Students for Life hosted a question-and-answer session in hopes of helping students better understand their pro-life stance. Members of the audience were asked to write down their questions to be answered after the introduction. If questions were not

5 Things You Need to Know: Ebola, Elephant Pigs and Martian Crocodiles

A veterinarian holds the 'elephant pig' shortly after it is born. (Photo special to Vanguard Dahlonega)

The world is a very busy place. Stay informed by staying up with current events like these five major stories: 1.) Kobani, Syria: U.S. Forces Provide Support This Sunday, the U.S. military announced that they had supplied weapons, ammunition and

Hark! Macbeth is Now Playing!

"Macbeth" is showing on weekends at the Holly Theater.

Sponsored by the University of North Georgia’s English Department and directed by professor Dr. Brian Corrigan, “Macbeth” made its debut performances the weekend of Oct. 10 – Oct. 12 at the Holly Theater. For those unfamiliar with the piece, “Macbeth”

Fall Brings North Georgia Community Together Through Festivals

Burt's Pumpkin Farm, located in Dawsonville. (Photo special to Vanguard Dahlonega)

Fall brings the community together. The rich colors of the leaves changing, the local festivals and traditions,  the crispness in the air make Dahlonega and north Georgia a beautiful place to experience in the fall. You could even say that

Zombies Invade Campus

Humans versus Zombies  is the game that it is taking campus by storm.

If you see a person with a bandana on their head chasing another person around campus, don’t be alarmed: campus hasn’t been overrun by gang members. Zombies have invaded campus, yes, but certainly not gang members. Humans versus Zombies began

Walker Stalker Con: A Zombie Lovers Dream Come True


“Walking Dead” fans were shocked yet again on Sunday as the second episode of season five aired. New characters, villains, and plots were introduced that left fans at the end of the episode without a leg to stand on and

MRFF Sent Letter to President Jacobs Alleging UNG of Violating First Amendment

The following is a letter sent from the MRFF to President Bonita Jacobs, addressing UNG’s alleged violations of the first amendment regarding religious freedom. Dr. Jacobs, This letter is to notify you of our intent to remediate recurring issues at

Post-Midterm Madness: I Will Survive

The UNG library. (Photo special to Vanguard Dahlonega)

UNG students have completed midterms and are heading into what can be known as the longest part of the semester. Once midterms have been completed we have this span of time to try and keep up our grades until we