Confessions of a Coffee Snob: TOMS Dark Roast- Honduras Blend

  As a self-proclaimed “coffee snob” I take pride in what types of coffee I buy and drink. I like to be well informed in the origins, process and farming techniques, primarily More »

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: One Year Later

A year ago, I went into 2014 with a lot of optimism toward the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The systems had only been out for less than a month when I More »

The Black Friday That Wasn’t

This year’s Black Friday fell slightly below corporate expectations. With the extension of Black Friday deals into Thanksgiving and beyond, are companies merely enjoying larger profits over a prolonged time frame? Or More »

UNG Plans New Shuttle Service

With an expanding student body, the University of North Georgia is currently planning on the development of new parking facilities. In light of the new construction, the Student Government Association and the More »

Women’s Soccer: PBC Tournament Concludes, Nighthawks on to Nationals

The UNG Women’s Soccer Program concluded its regular season and PBC tournament Sunday, Nov. 9 with a loss 0-1 to Columbus State University in the championship game. This PBC championship appearance was More »


Good Greetings for Christmas

greeting card

With the rise of the Internet, traditional forms of communication have experienced a gradual decline. Very few of us write letters to one another in this day and age, but one novel form of correspondence has maintained a sharp presence

5 Things You Need To Know: Taliban Attacks, Falling Gas Prices and Progress in Hong Kong

The compound were the Groenewalds stayed over the weekend. Later, they were attacked and killed by Taliban members. the compound was raided and burned. (Photo special to Vanguard Dahlonega)

1. This past weekend in Kabul, Afghanistan, the Taliban attacked and murdered a pastor and his son, as well as burned the guest house where they resided. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack, justifying the act in the

Weekly Whine: An Open Letter to Gainesville’s Editor

Our newspapers aren't "Journalism for Dummies." We shouldn't treat them that way. (Photo special to Vanguard-Da

I take great pride in our campus newspaper. I enjoy watching our articles cause activism and change on our campus. They make students aware of things that affect them. Our words make change, but yours just make me want to

“Assassin’s Creed: Unity” Struggles yet Succeeds

unity logo

Since 2007, the “Assassin’s Creed” video game franchise has captivated audiences and transported them throughout history as an assassin fighting an opposing sect of Templars. With the arrival of next generation consoles, Ubisoft released their latest installment of this classic

Imam and Rabbi Discuss Life with Dietary Laws

diet law

While a derivative of Judaism, Christianity features much less restrictions on lifestyle or diet. The other major Abrahamic religions, Islam and Judaism, contain complex dietary laws, which govern the preparation and consumption of particular foods. While these share marked differences,

Weekly Whine: Thanksgiving Blues

Grumpy Cat said it all. (Photo special to Vanguard Dahlonega)

This Thanksgiving I hope you were sitting at home having the typical family dinner where all of your relatives bombarded you with questions about why you’re still single or what you plan to do with your life. Personally, I went

Meditations from the Mountain: Zen in the Art of Fly-Fishing

A view of the Chestatee River. Where better to discover yourself? (Photo special to Vanguard Dahlonega)

To be a master of Zen, one must release the inner drive of a willful will. Right action takes place when the individual removes himself from conscious purpose as to the outcome of the action, but rather invests in the

Confessions of a Coffee Snob: TOMS Dark Roast- Honduras Blend

TOMS Dark Roast- Honduras is Certified Organic and takes part in the Rainforest Alliance, it also passes the palette of a "Coffee Snob" (Photo Special to Vanguard Dahlonega).

  As a self-proclaimed “coffee snob” I take pride in what types of coffee I buy and drink. I like to be well informed in the origins, process and farming techniques, primarily if it’s fair trade and sustainably grown. At

Six Steps to UNG Students Saving the Environment

Riding your bike is a great way to not only help the environment but also as a way to get exercise. (Photo special to Vanguard Dahlonega)

As residents of North Georgia, we are surrounded by an abundance of wildlife, forest and natural beauty. We would not be doing our job as citizens of this beautiful area if we did not do our part in protecting and

An International Struggle: Dahlonega Edition

German international student Clarissa Kroeger highlights the life and struggles experienced by those studying abroad (Photo special to the Vanguard).

With the end of the semester approaching, North Georgia will sadly be wishing farewell to some of its students who have come to study from all over the world. As a salutation to their departure, the North Georgia student body