SGA to Discuss Bylaw Amendments

On Oct. 20, the Student Government Association will be holding their weekly meeting at 5:30 p.m. in the ABC room in Hoag. This week’s meeting will be unique in that amendments for the More »

Coming Out Day 2014

In the first ten minutes of the Gay-Straight Alliance’s setup on the Hoag patio, nearly 12 people burst through the rainbow-colored curtains of the GSA’s vivid “closet.” National Coming Out Day is More »

The Golden Runway: Attack of the Clones (As Told By A Pretentious Hipster)

Walking across campus, I sometimes feel like I’m in an alternate reality. A gaggle of students walk past and one calls my name, and it takes a minute to figure out which More »

Hunt or Be Hunted: The Walking Dead Season 5

On Sunday night at approximately 9 p.m., the Dahlonega campus held its breath. Halls were quiet, televisions were on loud, and fists were clenched as AMC’s “The Walking Dead” season five premiered. More »

A Farewell to Dr. Andrew Leavitt

The University of North Georgia delivers a quality education experience thanks to the combination of diligence and enthusiasm from our staff and student body. In recent weeks, an official announcement informed UNG More »


MRFF Sent Letter to President Jacobs Alleging UNG of Violating First Amendment

The following is a letter sent from the MRFF to President Bonita Jacobs, addressing UNG’s alleged violations of the first amendment regarding religious freedom. Dr. Jacobs, This letter is to notify you of our intent to remediate recurring issues at

Post-Midterm Madness: I Will Survive

The UNG library. (Photo special to Vanguard Dahlonega)

UNG students have completed midterms and are heading into what can be known as the longest part of the semester. Once midterms have been completed we have this span of time to try and keep up our grades until we

Letter From the Editor: Let (and Help) Us Entertain You

My fellow Nighthawks (and for you nostalgic types, my fellow Saints), we just passed the dreaded milestone of midterms. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Now that we’ve passed midterms I think it’s a good time to clear something

SGA to Discuss Bylaw Amendments

The SGA meetings are open to the public and the public is allowed to speak. (Photo special to Vanguard Dahlonega)

On Oct. 20, the Student Government Association will be holding their weekly meeting at 5:30 p.m. in the ABC room in Hoag. This week’s meeting will be unique in that amendments for the SGA bylaws (which can be found here, SGAByLaws)

Dahlonega Haunts: Spirits at the Crimson Moon?

Crimson Moon Cafe is located off the Dahlonega Square. (Photo special to Vanguard Dahlonega)

Dahlonega may not seem all that creepy, save for the scarecrows, but every town has their mysteries. Have you noticed anything strange at the Crimson Moon Cafe? The Crimson Moon Cafe is established in the oldest surviving commercial building in

Dahlonega Hauntings: Mount Hope Cemetery

The famous photo taken by Madelyn Anthony in 1953 at Mount Hope Cemetery. (Photo courtesy of Dahlonega Walking Tours).

It is no secret that Dahlonega is known for its haunted history. There are many ghost stories that lure in this town, stories of accounts that have been told for years. Every small town has ghost stories and legends. This

Staying Healthy: College Kids and Enterovirus

Enterovirus D68 is a new strain of enterovirus. (Photo special to Vanguard Dahlonega)

With cooler weather fast approaching, everyone will inevitably encounter sniffle-causing germs. Because we are all here for roughly nine months a year, living so close together, we as students need to be aware of the microscopic world surrounding us. Since

Meditations in the Mountains: Pisgah National Forest

Surveying the Pisgah National Forest landscape (Photo courtesy of Maggie Aceto)

Some time ago, I found myself surveying the immense span of a mountain range spread out for miles around the peak of Black Balsam Knob. This was the place where, when the duties and responsibilities of the week become too

SGA Recap 10-13-14

The SGA meeting quickly began on Monday, 10-13-14. (Photo by Joey Argento)

On Monday, Oct. 13, 2014 the Student Government Association held one of their weekly meetings. The agenda ranged from OrgSync to breath mints to representation of county commuter students and more. Jemima “Mimi” Fortune gave a presentation to the SGA

Movie Review: “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

Chris Evans plays Captain America. (Photo special to Vanguard Dahlonega)

Personally, Captain America is my favorite superhero, so I have eagerly awaited the release of the second movie in the series, The Winter Soldier. Thanks to the riveting plot-line, this fan was not disappointed. In this latest movie, starring Chris