The Weekly Whine: Fall Jam Stuck in a Rut

Fall Jam draws students, but is it worth the cost? (Photo Special to The Saint)

When it comes time to pay our student fees every semester, it seems as though the Student Activity Fee just continues to grow and grow.

At first, it seems a bit strange because no one knows where the money is going. All we know is that upward of $75 from every student goes straight to the Student Activity Board.

Movie nights are great, but they don’t eat up too much money. The concert is fantastic, but even that can’t call for thousands upon thousands of dollars.

No, our money goes to funnel cakes and a rusty ferris wheel. For the freshmen, it might be a fun experience. It depends on whether you like riding mechanical bulls and hoisting yourself through an inflatable obstacle course.

However, after your first “Jam,” the events are always the same and frankly, they become boring and mundane.

But, that’s just my opinion. If you love it, by all means go be a part of what I call an epic waste of money.

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