The Weekly Whine – Well That Escalated Quickly…

Sometimes a day starts out bad and just gets worse.(Photo special to The Saint.)

Sometimes, the universe has this annoying, perverse need to find ways to ensure that your day starts out awful and escalates to down-right abusive rather quickly.  For me, this past Wednesday was one of those days.

I woke up that morning two hours later than I had originally planned thanks to a random blackout that hit part of Dahlonega that morning.  After I took a cold shower in the dark, I proceeded to head to Walmart to pick up some supplies for an art project I was working on.  Unfortunately, Walmart was also suffering from the aforementioned blackout.

I returned home, sans supplies, and attempted to touch up a black and white painting I was working on.  Apparently, the powers that be were offended by my artwork and decided that I needed to make a clumsy error that would ruin my work of 8 hours.  So, one fumbled paint brush and giant paint splatter later, I left my workstation annoyed and soon to be a day late on a project.

I attempted to sooth my rage by working on another art project I’ve been working on for the past few weeks.  I stepped outside in my backyard and attempted to spray paint a foam prop I was planning on using at an upcoming convention.  Much to my dismay, I learned that the material I had used and spray paint mixed about as well as fire and gasoline.  I watched in displeasure as two weeks of hard work was slowly made decrepit and reminiscent of Swiss cheese in a matter of seconds.

After finishing my art class, sans project, I returned to my car.  As is routine with such modes of transportation, I put my key in the ignition and attempted to start my car. Rather than the familiar hum of my Buick Regal, I was met with a languid death whinny.  In the two hours I was away from it, my car battery had apparently decided that today would be a good a day as any to die.

While waiting for a friend of to come pick me up, I began to feel increasingly nauseated.  I came to the conclusion that the biscuit I had scarfed down that morning, the sole, tasty bright spot of my otherwise crappy day had chosen to take a cue from my car battery and betray me.  I spent the remainder of my night languishing on my couch in pain and internal distress.

Thanks universe.  I hope you found your abuse of schadenfreude at my expense as joyous as I did depressing.

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