Breaking Dawn Part 2 Review

Regardless of whether you are Team Jacob, Team Edward, Team Guy Who Almost Hit Bella With a Car or a very vocal hater of all things Twilight, the Twilight phenomenon has come to an end.

Bella as a Vampire (Photo Special to The Saint)

After raking in a total of more than $3,094,558,774 worldwide, the Twilight films have proven to be one of the most successful film franchises of all time,  even though Harry Potter still takes the lead by almost a $4 billion dollar margin.

Despite the greatness that is Harry Potter, however, the final film of the Twilight Saga, “Breaking Dawn Part 2,” was easily one of the greatest movies I’ve seen.

Assuming you’ve read the books or at least have an understanding of the plot line in Twilight, the film opens with Bella as a newborn vampire adjusting to life as an immortal.

As the movie progresses, Edward and Bella grow in their relationship as vampire equals alongside their newborn daughter, Renesmee.

While at first everything seems to be going wonderfully for Bella, things take a turn for the worse about midway through the film when unforeseen issues come into play.

For those of you who haven’t seen “Breaking Dawn” yet, whether you plan to or not, I won’t spoil the ending for you, but I do recommend you use the bathroom before the movie and not during the second half.

While there are a few occasions in the movie where K-Stew’s acting could have been better or the CGI baby face used on Renesmee at the start of the film could have been made to look more human, the movie overall was by far the best of the saga.

So whether you are a “Twi-hard” or a “Twi-hater,” “Breaking Dawn Part 2″ is definitely worth your money and worthy of a top spot in Box Office history.

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