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Mountain Laurels Launching February Contest


Mountain Laurels, North Georgia’s art and literature magazine, is asking for prose, poetry or visual arts submissions for their February contest. The magazine hosts a theme contest each month. This month, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the theme is

Sounds from the Steeple: Mumford and Sons


When Mumford and Sons exploded onto the American music scene in 2009, they brought with them the unique ability to write contemporary hits with traditional instruments and harmonies. The raw emotion of the Avett Brothers met the singability of The

The Impact of the Consolidation on Graduate Students

Recent North Georgia graduate students. (Photo special to The Saint)

Editor’s note:  This is the third in a series of stories exploring the impact of the impending consolidation on various parts of the student body. Last week we looked at the impact of consolidation on the Student Government Associations (SGA)

A Look at the Impact of Consolidation on Student Government


Editor’s note:  This is the second column in a series that will explore the impact of the impending consolidation on various parts of the student body. Last week we explored the impact of the upcoming consolidation with Gainesville State College

A Look at the Impact of Consolidation on Greek Life

North Georgia has approximately 600 Greek members.
(Photo Provided by Jen Cohen)

Editor’s note:  This is the first in a series that will explore the impact of the impeding consolidation on various parts of the student body. Change is coming. Whether we like it or not, whether it makes sense or not,

Saint Sounds: The Civil Wars

The Civil Wars performing live.
Photo special to The Sain

In a musical world awash with sugary, over-produced pop ballads (Call Me Maybe), America is starved for something real. Rarely can an artist be musically integrous and successful at the same time, and nowhere is this harsh reality more apparent

‘Ask an Atheist’ Tables Get People Talking

Over the last six weeks, the North Georgia Skeptics Society has set up an “Ask an Atheist” table in various buildings around campus. For a couple of hours each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday devoted “Skeptics” sit behind a table and

A Storm Named Sandy

Hurricane Sandy devasted the East Coast.(Photo special to The Saint)

They sit, cross-legged, on the hardwood floor, while the storm beats their house into submission, rounding off the corners and smoothing the whole. “If we just had power,” she says, half-heartedly banging the back of her head into the chair

Who Are We? North Georgia’s Architectural Schizophrenia

The ultra-modern LTC (Photo by Daniel Staub)

I remember as a child coming home from a hot football practice and pouring a cup of cool Georgia well-water from a blue pitcher in the kitchen. But as soon as the liquid hit my mouth I spit it out

North Georgia Professor Embarks on 1,500 Mile Canoe Trip

Fuller will paddle for approximately 1,500 miles. 
(Photo Courtesy of Robert Fuller)

North Georgia Professor Dr. Robert Fuller is paddling a canoe on the Chattahoochee and Apalachicola rivers from Helen to the Gulf of Mexico. He will then paddle along the Alabama coastline to Mobile and follow the Mobile, Alabama, Coosa, and