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Appalachian Ceremony for On-Campus Cabin

Spirit of Appalachia present in Gold Rush cabin. (Photo by Shanna Pettengill)

North Georgia captured the spirit of Appalachia with a dedication ceremony for the 1832 Gold Rush cabin on Thursday night. Students, faculty and members of the Dahlonega community gathered together in the lawn of the Vickery House to officially welcome the piece

Saint Sounds: Summer Albums that Matter Most

It’s been a long semester, and you’ve been a very hardworking student. After hours of late night studying, paper writing and cramming for finals, you might be behind on keeping up to date with the latest album releases. But don’t fret,

1832 Gold Rush Cabin Dedication Set April 19

Photo Special to The Saint

  One of North Georgia’s oldest on-campus artifacts will be honored with a dedication ceremony on April 19. The 1832 Gold Rush Cabin, donated to the campus in early February by John and Betty Smulian, will serve as a teaching

Hoping for a Housing Contract

Photo Special to The Saint

With a constant increase in student population and no signs of additional residence halls being built anytime soon, the first-come, first-served fight to live on campus is on. But is it really worth it? According to Director of Residence Life

Saint Sounds: The Shins Album Review

I remember the first time I heard The Shins – and no, it had nothing to do with their life-changing reputation declared famously by Natalie Portman in her oversized headphones. Not long into the first few tracks of Oh, Inverted

Tori Kostecki and the Shooting Team

Head coach of North Georgia’s intercollegiate rifle team and NGCSU class of  2011 alumnus Tori Kostecki competed in the NRA Open Sectionals air rifle event this past weekend. Held at The Citadel, the event was graced by Kostecki who showcased

Saint Sounds: First Aid Kit

At first glance, it’s hard to imagine two Swedes knowing anything about the world of Americana – or for that matter, knowing it well enough to lyrically name drop country legends like Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris. Swedish sisters Klara

Consolidation Committee Meeting Update

Both NGCSU and Gainesville State College’s Consolidation Implementation Committee joined for their second meeting at Gainesville State College’s campus on Friday Feb. 24. The meeting included a presentation from Gainesville State College President, Dr. Martha T. Nesbitt, which will be

HPE Club at the Winter Special Olympics in Boone, NC


While most people spent Super Bowl weekend sitting in front of their TV, an active group of North Georgia students sacrificed watching the big game to experience something even better than tailgate parties and big screens. Members of the HPE (Health

Copyright is a Touchy Issue in the Digital Age

Photo Special to The Saint

With the digital age taking over most forms of research, copyright restrictions are rapidly becoming of greater importance to faculty and students. Duke University’s Director of Scholarly Communications, Kevin Smith, J.D., hosted two seminars on Feb. 23 that addressed basic