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GTA’s Spring Season Opens With Music And Tragedy

"In The Heights" received the 2008 Tony Award for Best Musical (Photo special to Vanguard Dahlonega.)

During this year’s annual February Festival of Theatre, the Gainesville Theatre Alliance will present the musical “In the Heights” and the classic “Antigone.” “In the Heights,” winner of the 2008 Tony Award for Best Musical, tells the story of a tight-knit

Sounds from the Steeple: “American Beauty/American Psycho”

The cover to Fall Out Boy's new album. (Photo special to Vanguard Dahlonega)

Fall Out Boy’s new album “American Beauty/American Psycho” claims to go into the depths of the American psyche – much like its namesake films – but rather than feel like a darker approach and the typical Fall Out Boy sound,

Guilty Pleasure: Hyperbole and a Half

The Alot (Photo credit special to Allie Brosh)

Just when I thought I had a handle on my wildly out of hand procrastination problem, I happened to stumble across a blog with strange drawings and weird titles, like “7 Games You can Play with a Brick” and “This

Deals and Steals: Dealzon

The Dealzon logo (Photo special to Vanguard Dahlonega).

I’m a poor college student with expensive hobbies. My favorite hobby, computer games, is naturally difficult to indulge in.  Electronic hardware is constantly evolving. I find myself having to upgrade various pieces in my own home desktop every six months

Meditations from The Mountain: Where the Water Runs Free, You Do too

Fall Creek Falls in the Dawson Forest Wildcat Tract tumbles down a rock face.
(Photo by Joshua Snead)

There are many reasons to go on a hike. The thrill and sense of adventure that accompany a trek to a place like Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina, leave you high with a feeling of accomplishment and awe as you

Video Game Review: “Clash of Clans”

"Clash of Clans" is a popular app. (Photo special to Vanguard Dahlonega.)

Do you remember the days where you had to call your mom to check your crops on”Farmville” because you were in class, and you didn’t want your farm to be ruined? Did you enjoy planning which crops to grow when

Halo 5: Guardians Beta Impressions

Each game begins with an overview of the gametype. (Photo special to Vanguard Dahlonega)

The “Halo 5″ beta is in full swing, and big changes have been made to the series.  While the details of the story are still being withheld, players who purchased “Halo: The Master Chief Collection” have been invited to try

Student Spotlight: Amye Jeans, Ice Cream Maker Extraordinaire

Amye Jeans is a sophomore  Business Management major who hopes to someday own a gourmet ice cream shop. (Photo by Amye Jeans)

The start of each new semester comes with its fair share of new faces on campus. One of these new faces is the one of Amye Jeans. Amye is a sophomore transfer student from Middle Tennessee State University and is

Guilty Pleasure: Fanfiction (Helsa Forever)

Helsa is a popular shipping in "Frozen" fanfiction. (Photo by Madison Wright)

I read fanfiction. That feels so good to get off my chest. If you are not familiar with the phenomenon that is “fanfiction,” I suggest you move out of your apartment under a rock and get a Tumblr. But just

Golden Spotlight: Hughes and the Blues

​ Hughes Taylor can Shazam his own songs, buy them on iTunes and Google Play and even stream them on Spotify whenever. At 12 years old, Hughes went out every Tuesday to eat at The Shamrock, a pub in his