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Weekly Whine: Charge Me Up

The business Blink provides charging stations throughout Atlanta. (Photo Special to Vanguard Dahlonega)

When our car’s tank is running low, most of us drive to the nearest gas station and quickly refuel. According to the US Department of Energy, over 150,000 gas stations line the United State’s roads. With these numbers, it is

Weekly Whine: The Text-Book and Registration Conundrum

Text-books are a necessity for school. The requirement to have them during the first week of a semester? Not so much. (Photo special to Vanguard Dahlonega)

It’s not uncommon for businesses to manipulate a situation in order to extort more money from their customers. Sometimes it’s through withholding information from them and other times it’s through raising prices for something when it’s in high demand. Some call this

Guilty Pleasure: The Office (U.S.)

The Office (U.S.) first aired in 2005. (Photo special to Vanguard Dahlonega)

So… I watch The Office. I know, I know, right now you’re probably thinking, “insert judgmental thoughts about me here.” But, when you’re having a bad day, and the world seems to be caving in on you, you have to

Weekly Whine: Parking is Still Horrible

Both commuter lots, behind Memorial Hall and Newton Oakes, respectively, were chock-full of vehicles all day, with people fighting over spots as soon as they became available. (Photo by Saara Wintersgill.)

Last semester, parking was a fiasco. I remember being late to classes that I left for thirty minutes in advance. Even though I live two miles from campus, thirty minutes wasn’t enough time to duel for a parking spot. When

Weekly Whine: Color Printing Fees

Photo special to The Steeple

Did you break your bank this summer? I don’t mean through careless spending and vacations. I’m referring to the outrageous pricing for printing color copies on the UNG campus. When you pay your Technology Fee, ten dollars of that goes

Editor’s Letter: A Farewell

(Photo by Hillary Leah Photography)

This is my final day as Editor-in-Chief of Vanguard Dahlonega. I am truly honored to have served the community, faculty, staff, students and alumni to the best of my ability. Most editors use their farewell letters to reminisce on their

Managing Editor’s Letter: A Goodbye

(Photo by Reagan Griggs)

A niche is defined as a job or activity that is very suitable for a particular person. When I first came to college, I had no idea what my niche would be, but I quickly found it when I joined

Troubled Journalism Surrounds the Sinking of Ferry in South Korea

Ferry Sewol sinking. (Photo special to Vanguard Dahlonega).

The ferry Sewol sank last week near the island of Jindo off South Korea’s coast. Hundreds of high school students were aboard the ferry on a field trip. As an exchange student from South Korea, I want to focus on the problems with

Getting That Sexy Summer Body

Attaining the perfect beach body is not an impossible task (Photo Special to Vanguard Dahlonega)

Nothing is more embarrassing than going to the beach, lake or another place where summer swimwear is required while being super out of shape. I can say this with confidence because I know from experience. With summer quickly approaching, there are

No Smartphone, No Cry: Life Sans Apple in the Planet of the Apps

My phone. As featured in The Flintstones.
(Photo special to Vangaurd Dahlonega)

Smartphones are not a part of my life. Not directly, anyhow. I’m 22 years old and the most sophisticated application on my little red relic is a tip calculator that I seriously doubt the accuracy of. While I’ll concede that